Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Perfect Example of the NEED for PAN AFRIQUE NEWS

Now this is a typical example of the type of news that has shaped the vision of Africa.   This particular series is Vice Guide to travel in Liberia.  This group of white filmmakers went into Liberia and I guess their objective was to show how badly the Country is doing after having fought 3 civil wars over two decades.  The series is 8 parts long and ALL 8 PARTS were filmed in West Point, which is perhaps the most dangerous and poverty stricken place in all of Liberia.  West Point is a township in Monrovia.  Monrovia is in Montserrado county, which is one county out of the 15 that make up the entire country.  West Point is a dangerous poverty stricken place, yes, however what kind of filmmaking is it that dedicates its entire project to one section of one county of an entire country to provide vivid background about three civil wars that killed 250,000 people and devastated the lives of 3 million?  Filmmaking with an agenda.  I could go on and on breaking down the history of Liberia, the war and the despotic, CIA/ Pat Robertson backed, so called ex-leader, Charles Taylor, but to save space I won’t.  What I will say however, is this is the PERFECT example of the type of journalism we’re going to get from the mainstream media when it comes to Africa.  This tabloid, base, lurid example of junk journalism, that’s passed off as factual investigation is what a PAN AFRIQUE  NEWS will serve to crush.  Imagine, these so-called filmmakers really set out to make it look as if everybody in Liberia was a cannibal, war criminal or prostitute and that the entire country could be reflected in what we saw in West Point, BUT, how will we know the truth?  Where will we get any images to the contrary?  Is CNN going to provide us with the true picture of Liberia?  The BBC, MSNBC?  If not, where will we get the images from?  Are we satisfied with knowing absolutely nothing about what anything looks like in Africa, the Caribbean, South America, other place in the US where Black people reside, etc.?  Granted, some of us may get to travel to some of these places in our lifetime to get the true picture, but what about those of us who don’t?  Are we just going to continue to settle for the abject ignorance that the majority of the African American population wallows in when it comes to anywhere outside of the United States?  Or are we gonna do something about it?  Do this, watch this so-called documentary and then decide whether or not you like the images these people displayed about YOU.  If not, go to INDIEGOGO.COM/PANAFRIQUENEWS and contribute to the PAN AFRIQUE NEWS FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN, so we can at least START controlling some of our own images, our own agenda and our own destiny.  MOVE.  FORWARD DIASPORA.  FORWARD AFRICA.  HOTEP.       

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