Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Downside of the Empowerment Experiment

by Michael Allen
I know we are trying to harness our spending power to empower black businesses and our community, but we also have an equally dire issue that needs resolution - black business owners who have little interest in doing business with black business owners.  The self hatred programming and negative propaganda onslaught against us has us in a deeply delusional and psychotic frame of mind that makes unity an enormously, great fear for the masses of our people.  We must get over the brain-dirtied, syndrome that every other ethnic group is right and we are wrong. 


Ashe Big Brotha Michael Allen, this manifestation of Post Traumatic Slave Disorder is but one of MANY.  We have to find new and innovative ways to get the work done despite this programming, and I assure you Big Brotha, it can be done. Hotep. Shannon Rose

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